We don’t argue that 2020 is a dumpster fire of a year thus far, but at Two Broads we are seeing something positive on the other side of all that smoke. We are so close to being able to offer a delicious cider experience in our own tasting room.

In 2020, so far, we got our permits to start building the tasting room we have dreamed about for years! Then Covid-19 hit, and bars and restaurants had to close. Our wholesale income completely dried up; it pushed us to start online orders for pickup and delivery in San Luis Obispo County. Not long after that, we were able to add shipping throughout California.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign during June, the month of Pride, and yerg! that was stressful. I was a ball of nerves shedding grateful tears every time someone made a pledge. It was such a great relief when we hit our goal two days before the campaign ended. In all honesty, the Kickstarter wasn’t a chore the whole time. We loved brainstorming the rewards, and those collaborations that came at the end were especially fun. I want to especially thank my Pass-The-T-Shirt video crew, Skyward Ink, SLO Queerdos, Chelsea, Stephanie, and Tyler for their time and energy, and will be doing more elaborate posts regarding their generosity in the future. Posts on fulfilling each of the gifts will be forthcoming and entertaining.

I am so appreciative of all the suggestions from friends and friendly strangers, and the items they donated to entice pledging. We are so elated that you, our community, showed up for us during this most tumultuous year, and we look forward to a time when we can reciprocate by hosting you in our tasting room as a proper thanks.

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