Bearded Queen
Some things shouldn’t be good, but they are.  Like hopped cider.

Fermented to dryness, then judiciously hopped with Citra and Nelson Sauvin to bring out the hop aromatics without the aggressiveness. Flavor notes include citrus, mango, black pepper, and gooseberry.
Carbonation: low
Alcohol by volume: 5.76%
Apples: Braeburn and Granny Smith from SLO County
Pairings: creamy brie, manchego, and goat cheese (nom nom nom).

The Gala Agenda
It’s not dangerous, it’s delicious.

A clean and dry cider with notes of stone fruit, citrus, minerality, and light spice. Perfect for hot days.
Carbonation: low
Alcohol by volume: 8.0%
Apples: Gala from Kern County, Crimson Gold Crab from Santa Barbara County
Pairings: chili, spicy Indian food, lemon pie, aged gouda

Kumquat May
Come what may, we will always love a musical.

Apples from San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties were co-fermented with organic kumquats. Like a love ballad from Moulin Rouge, together they sing with aromas of kumquat peel, tart apple-citrus flavor, and a dry finish.
Carbonation: low
Alcohol by volume: 6.6%
Apples: Gala from Santa Barbara County, Braeburn and Granny Smith from SLO County
Pairings: kale-gorgonzola-pear flatbread, creamy pumpkin soup, brunch

Introducing the Fancypants series…

Number 3. 
One and one and one is three.

Juice from heirloom and heritage apples was aged with medium toast French oak. Aromas of crème brulee with clean, tart apple flavors couple with a medium-full body and finishing dry.
Carbonation: low
Apples: Roxbury Russet, King David, Golden Russet, Cox Orange Pippin
Alcohol by volume: 7.2%
Pairings: croissant with lemon curd, bacon-spinach quiche, thyme-roasted parsnips

Crabby McCrabface
Unapologetic in name, tartness, and funk.

We have been hoarding this to serve at festivals because it is such a tiny batch. 100% crab apples from SLO Creek Farm (varietal is unknown, though we suspect it is Dolgo Crab) makes an earthy, tart, full bodied cider with a funk we know and love from sour beer and Rhone varietal wines.
Alcohol by volume: 8.5%
Pairings: rack of lamb, red beans and rice, blue cheese


Coming soon…

I Feel Pretty.
Pretty and witty and gay!

Barrel-aged Arkansas Black

Barrel-aged Bittersweet Blend