Past Vintages

2021 Dolgo Ciderkin

Crabby McCrabface’s little sister. Tasting room only.

  • Alcohol by volume: 3.5%
  • Carbonation: medium
  • Fruit: Dolgo crab
  • Pairings: burrata with honeycomb and fruit, sausage and mushroom pizza,
2021 Ooo la lah!

This berry cider will make you say, “Ooo la lah!” Fuji apples from Fair Hill Farms in Paso Robles were cofermented with olallieberry syrup made at Linn’s in Cambria. Deceptively light and obviously delicious.

  • Alcohol by volume: 9%
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Carbonation: medium
  • Fruit: Fuji from Fair Hill Farm in Paso Robles, Olallieberry syrup from Linn’s in Cambria
  • Pairings: strawberry caprese, kale and apple quiche, berry pavlova
2020 I Feel Pretty

2020 Chez Baco

2020 Crabby McCrabface

2021 Pink Lady

2020 Pink Pearl

2019 Newtown Pippin

2019 Yarlington Mill

2018 Arkansas Black

2018 Gold Rush

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