Once upon a Time There Were Two Broads

Cider Summit, Chicago, 2017

Maggie, a biologist and gardener, and Morgan, a home brewer and engineer, met as students while sailing the high seas aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear. They fell in love, and many of their mutual interests began to align. Maggie learned more about beer and how to homebrew. Morgan learned about local flora and fauna and gardening. As they explored San Luis Obispo county, they happened upon See Canyon, and in its beautiful orchards discovered they loved heirloom apples; suddenly they understood the world of apples was bigger than Granny Smith and Washington.

They made their first hard cider with the juice pressed from See Canyon apples. These first batches taught the Broads the potential for cider; it didn’t have to be artificially sweet corporate cider, but could be really good, really different, and really exciting. Following these early experiments, they sampled the excellent ciders from France, England, and Spain. They fell in love again.

Fast forward to the present. Morgan and Maggie have committed their lives to each other and to making great cider for their community. Their goal: to source local fruit to make delicious ciders in San Luis Obispo, to promote the appreciation of good cider, and to nurture the growth of heirloom cider apple production locally.

Join Two Broads as they embark upon their next delicious adventure.

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